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Ryan E. Giedd
Director, Sensor Research & Development
Brewer Science
Rishi Patel
Senior Research Scientist
Jordan Valley Innovation Center, Missouri State University
Suresh K. Sitaraman
Georgia Institute of Technology
Tech Courses Monday, February 18
9:00am to 12:00pm

Be they metallic vias, traces, or semiconducting carbon nanoparticle networks, the electrical connections made to printed devices are critical to their performance, reliability, and even their characterization. Long story short: Much time has been lost in advancing printed electronics (PE) device performance as a result of misinterpreted, improper electronic impedance matches or contact morphology. In this course, we will review these issues and provide real-world solutions that are reliable and easy to implement. We’ll identify proper tools and give instrumentation examples of characterizing resistive, capacitive, and inductive PE elements and reveal traps that arise from electronic contact and substrate effects. We will review and introduce electronic impedance measurements and equipment for characterization with an emphasis on PE devices instead of the more commonly taught approaches to characterizing silicon-based devices. And we will also discuss the effects of using polymer substrates where slow water diffusion can cause electronic signals that look like instabilities, but are in fact, responses to ultraslow diffusion. Finally, we will discuss how to handle electrical contact to PE devices in aqueous or high-humidity environments.

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Tech Courses Monday, February 18
1:00pm to 4:00pm

This course is for individuals and organizations interested in exploring the latest innovations in the design of sensor-based products and systems incorporating flexible, hybrid, and printed technologies. The course will provide an overview of the state of the industry and design and manufacturing ecosystems and focus on key system integration challenges for combining sensors with flexible, hybrid, and printed technologies. The course will describe both design and manufacturing issues illustrated by examples from the field and will cover the problems encountered at various stages of product development — from concept to production. Practical advice and solutions for specific problems that often arise when combining sensors with flexible, hybrid, and printed technologies will be presented to help attendees learn how to design and create optimal products and systems.

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