Diversity: Women-In-Tech

Monday, February 24
4:00pm to 5:30pm

Diversity: Women-In-Tech 


Back by popular demand, the Women-in Tech returns to FLEX 2020! All conference attendees are welcome.

Join us for a continued discussion around diversity and workforce development in the electronics manufacturing industry. Implicit, and sometimes, explicit bias over generations in our personal and professional lives have driven many promising minds from pursuing careers in STEM. At the same time, diversity in the general workforce and leadership positions has been proven to make companies more successful. It’s possible to revise this contradictory juxtaposition through policies and programs which counter the bias and show the possibilities to a diverse and upcoming class of engineers and scientists who can drive change.

A one-hour meeting agenda and discussion expands upon these concepts, followed by a half-hour mixer, where we can support our colleagues and explore the paths to a bias-free working environment and better overall results. A diverse team leads to varied and more effective problem-solving.

Since 2015, the FLEX conference has been the platform for enlightening and useful discussion, raising several issues incorporated into the current SEMI Workforce Development activities.  If you haven’t already done so, get involved to continue the dialog and share your experience with programs, policies, and cultures that change the industry norms.   

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