Polyester Film Substrates for Flexible and Formable Electronics

Cypress Wednesday, February 20
10:25am to 10:50am

Polyester Film Substrates for Flexible and Formable Electronics

Continued advances in Flexible Hybrid Electronics have required material suppliers to deliver improved functionality to the device developers in broad applications such as displays, TFT backplanes, barrier films, sensors, photovoltaics, medical diagnostics, and HMI (Human Machine Interface).  

Demands on the film substrate suppliers can vary widely, and polymer property requirements typically include: smooth surfaces with low surface defects, optically clear films with low haze and iridescence, high temperature processing to enable solder reflow, near zero thermal shrinkage for multilayer print registration, UV stability, and VTM-0 Flame Retardance.  Many requests also include an ability to tailor the surface chemistry to improve and enhance the downstream processing performance.   New commercial polyester film types have been introduced, and their typical end use applications will be described. This presentation will also review how bi-axially oriented semi-crystalline polyester films are produced, compare the key properties of several polymer film substrate types, and illustrate how polyester films are uniquely capable of offering customized and affordable substrate solutions for flexible electronics.

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