The Intersection of MEMS-based Sensors with Flexible Printed Solutions--Addressing the Opportunities and Challenges

Big Sur Monday, February 18
1:00pm to 4:00pm

The Intersection of MEMS-based Sensors with Flexible Printed Solutions--Addressing the Opportunities and Challenges


  • Chip Spangler, Aspen Microsystems
  • Mary Ann Maher, SoftMEMS 

This course is intended for individuals and organizations interested in exploring the latest innovations in the system design of sensor-based products and systems incorporating flexible, hybrid and printed technologies. The course will provide an overview of the state of the industry and design and manufacturing ecosystems and focus on key system integration challenges for combining sensors with flexible, hybrid and printed technologies. The course will describe both design and manufacturing issues illustrated by examples from the field and will cover the problems encountered at various stages of product development from concept to production. Practical advice and solutions are described for the specific problems brought by combining sensors with flexible, hybrid, printed technologies to create products and resources available to help in designing these systems will be presented. 

Course Outline

1. Market opportunities for Products incoporating MEMS/Sensors with FHPE

2. Technology

  • Sensor/component technology overview
  • Taxonomy of Sensor Integration Methods
  • Substrates/Materials
  • Bonding/Interconnect/Planarization methods
  • Manufacturing challenges/solutions
  • Packaging challenges/solutions
  • Assembly/handling challenges/solutions
  • Test/reliability challenges/solutions
  • Summary and Call to action

3. Systems Design Challenges

  • Computing requirements and implementation
  • Security requirements and implementation
  • Combo/Multiple Sensors
  • Powering methods
  • Communications methods
  • Summary and Call to action

4. Productization challenges

  • Cost/Performance/Form Factor
  • Ecosystems and sourcing
  • IP
  • Technology readiness
  • Standards
  • Current issues and limitations
  • Summary and Call to action

5. Computer Aided design

  • Physical Design issues
  • Simulation and modeling of sensors and FHPE
  • Summary and Call to action

6. Detailed examples- examples will be given illustrating the key challenges/solutions of system integration from  medical, wearables, IoT, transportation and industrial applications

7. Future directions

8. Information sources

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