Beyond Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Biodegradable Electronics and Interfacing Bio+Electronics

Tuesday, February 25
9:00am to 9:30am

KEYNOTE—Beyond  Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Biodegradable Electronics and Interfacing Bio+Electronics

This presentation highlights selected examples of novel flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) devices in the interface between bio and electronics which have been enabled by assembly automation, component miniaturization, power optimization, novel materials, and perhaps most importantly: the consumer demand for more user-centric and sustainable solutions. We will discuss key technologies and challenges in manufacturing process development for three example cases: a new generation of biodegradable diagnostic sensors, skin conformal flexible hybrid electronics, and interfaces between biological media and electronics. The industry's need for standardized manufacturing processes and availability for upscaling infrastructure will drive the success of novel flexible hybrid electronics devices. However, reliable and scalable system integration solutions for printed devices with hybrid assembled components (such as bare-die silicon components, MEMS sensors, flex batteries, biomolecule printing) are needed to enable products that have the potential to disrupt existing value chains and markets. The presentation offers an inside view into VTT’s roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing infrastructure and concludes with key aspects of successful commercialization by identifying the right materials, manufacturing technologies and upscaling pathways early on in the design process of a new device.

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