Integration of Ultra-Thin Solid-State Batteries with High Performance Silicon Microelectronics and Sensors

Pine Wednesday, February 26
5:20pm to 5:40pm

This paper will update results from a FlexTech Alliance funded a project to develop and demonstrate a promising new FHE platform, where the power and printed circuits can be vertically integrated into a single ultra-thin form factor, i.e. less than 250 microns total packaged thickness. The ITN Project Team is developing a unique platform technology we call Battery with Integrated Processing and Sensor System (BiPASS). The BiPASS system will consist of several vertical layers including the solid-state lithium rechargeable battery (SSLB), charge control electronics (CCC), gas/environmental sensors and balance of the system. The presentation will review the integration of the CCC within the SSLB packaging with Molex; examples of the direct printing of FHE circuits onto the packaging of the SSLB as well as integration of a stand-alone FHE printed circuit into the battery package with SunRay Scientific; and progress to the monolithic integration of a unique self-powered explosive trace detector/gas detector in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island. Finally, data will be presented for the performance of several important subsystem demonstrations including SSLB powered BLE and the stability of the base SSLB platform, e.g. compatibility with solder reflow and other post-processing requirements, for others interested in similar FHE integration.

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