Integrating MEMS Devices in FHE

Pine Wednesday, February 26
11:30am to 11:50am

A revolutionary aspect of Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) is the integration of bare die as opposed to the use of packaged ICs. Until now the focus has been on the integration of CMOS devices, but FHE is also an ideal platform for integration of a broad range of sensors. Integrating MEMS devices on FHE is a logical next step but presents unique challenges inherent to MEMS design and fabrication processes. These challenges include forces encountered in die bonding, bending forces affecting mechanical parts inside, post-mounting calibration, devices with damping vents, and MEMS wafer processing. NextFlex is currently executing a DARPA Seedling project that evaluates MEMS devices on FHE. This project involved exploring various methods of integrating MEMS devices, as well as characterizing the effects of mounting and bending FHE devices. NextFlex will present results of MEMS die integration, primarily focused on the wafer processing & die integration differences between CMOS and MEMS devices.

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