Power Optimization Enables the Deployment of 1T Sensors on Flex

SEMI Global Headquarters 673 Milpitas Blvd. Milpitas, San Jose, CA 95035 Room: Seminar 3 Thursday, February 27
9:00am to 12:00pm

Power Optimization Enables the Deployment of 1T Sensors on Flex

When one considers the ubiquitous deployment of sensors, particularly in flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) applications, in everything from Smart Cities/Buildings to Internet of Things (IoT) / Industrial IoT (IIoT) to conditional/asset monitoring to wearables to industrial automatic, it is pretty easy to build the case for the number of sensor deployments to approach 1 T devices even in the short- to mid-term timeframe, say by 2025.  Most stakeholders are aware of the need for power optimization in low power design, though not as much as how to implement it, which this course will focus on.  Not so well-known is the very real risk of their not being enough available power to source the needs of these many billions of micropower devices, which is a serious concern for the viability of all the wireless sensor networks (WSN) required to make use of those 1 T sensors.

There are many aspects of the ecosystem that will contribute to these vast numbers of FHE sensor deployments with the main areas of focus being sensor fabrication/economics, power management, system design optimization, network/edge deployment (i.e. – 5G, etc.), energy utilization/optimization.  This tech course will bring together industry leaders and contributors from each of these areas to highlight the current status of these main focus areas as well as establish a dialogue to figure out how to best collaborate between these stakeholders and determine the best strategies for synergistic opportunities to propel the ecosystem forward.  We shall also be seeking active engagement of the audience to participate in these discussions.


  • Designing, Optimizing, & Deploying Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) 

    • Introduction / Motivations 
    • The 5G Energy Gap 
    • The Perfect Storm: 5G, IoT/IIoT, and Energy Harvesting 
    • Metrics & Design Guidelines to Optimize for Lowest Power 
    • Power Management in a Multisensor Environment 
    • A Review of Sensors in Flex Applications from a Power Perspective 
  • Matching Today’s Energy Technologies for Smarter Sensor Solutions 

    • Energy Harvesting Overview 
    • Energy Storage Overview & Design/Application Guidelines 
    • Considerations for Enabling High-Volume Flex Manufacturing 
    • Case Studies & Applications 
  • Power Optimization Considerations for Asset Monitoring in a Military Environment 

    • The Differences in Designing for High Reliability in Flex Applications 
    • Review of Factors Impacting Quality/Reliability 
    • Material Properties Impact on Manufacturability 
    • Environmental/Usage & Application Guidance 
    • Understanding the Full Product Lifecycle 

If you will be staying for lunch, please register for the Tech Course Networking Luncheon in addition to your course – it is complimentary.

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