Andrew Kelly

Director of Applications Engineering
Cirtec Medical

Andrew Kelly is the Director of Applications Engineering at Cirtec Medical ‐ formerly Cactus Semiconductor ‐ located in Chandler, Arizona. Prior to joining CactusSemiconductor, he was a Senior Principal IC Design Engineer at the MedtronicMicroelectronics Center. Throughout his 30+ year career, he has defined and designed more than 30 full‐custom mixed‐signal ICs for a wide range of portable, wearable, implantable, and ingestible medical devices such as; glucose meters, hearing aids, neurostimulators, cardiac pacemakers, drug infusion devices, bio‐sensors, orthopedic sensors, and ingestible sensors. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and serves as chairman of the Workshop Committee for the Phoenix chapter of the Engineering in Medicine & BiologySociety. He also currently serves as the chairman of the Industry Advisory Board at the Center for Neurotechnology.

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