Azar Alizadeh

Principal Scientist
GE Research

A Principal Scientist at GE Research, Dr. Azar Alizadeh is the Principal Investigator on multiple US Department of Defense (DARPA, NextFlex and NBMC- AFRL) sponsored programs and leads cross-functional teams of industrial and academic partners to develop advanced computational platforms and wireless health and performance monitoring systems. The wearable sensing platforms developed by these teams enable vital signs as well as sweat and interstitial biochemical measurement capabilities and have the potential to revolutionize medicine and performance monitoring through early detection of illness, infection, fatigue, and injury. Dr. Alizadeh holds a Ph.D. in physics, is a NextFlex fellow, has co-authored 50 peer reviewed publications, and holds 20 US patents/patent applications. Dr. Alizadeh is the co-Lead on the NextFlex Human Monitoring Systems and serves on the Governing Council of NBMC. Dr. Alizadeh is the recipient of GE 2019 Edison Award and Semi Flexi 2017 Award.

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