Natalie Wisniewski

Ph.D., Founder
Profusa Inc.

Natalie Wisniewski pushes the boundaries of digital health, wearable devices, implantable sensors, remote body monitoring, and data analytics. She co-founded Profusa, Inc. to develop tissue-integrating sensors for mobile health monitoring. These injectable nano-sensors report health metrics to a mobile phone as frequently as every second. For over a decade, Dr. Wisniewski led the technology from concept to clinic to regulatory approval to commercial sales. She served as the Principle Investigator on over $30M of NIH and DARPA research grants, and has over 100 papers, patents and invited lectures on biosensors, diabetes, tissue hypoxia, exercise physiology, infectious disease, trauma, and implantable devices. She was awarded the NIH Transformative Research Award for her work on multi-analyte in vivo sensing for mobile health applications, and Profusa was named Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in 2019 by Frost and Sulliven. Dr. Wisniewski earned a BS in chemical engineering from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Duke University. She previously worked at Kimberly-Clark Corporation and McKinsey & Company, and she now runs her own consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in technical, clinical and regulatory strategies for medical devices and digital health companies. She currently serves as an advisor for several start-up companies and on the advisory boards of Duke Biomedical Engineering, Material Impact Venture Fund and the NSF Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies.

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