Nathan Pretorius

Printing Technology Engineer

Nathan’s role at Nextflex is exploring and testing print methods utilizing novel materials, processes, and tools. Prior to joining Nextflex, Nathan was a student involved in printed electronics research at Clemson University where he worked on many FHE-related projects, both as an undergrad and grad student. Nathan focused on applying the strengths of roll to roll and screen printing to printed electronics designs, including capacitive touch interfaces, flexible PCBs, antennas, and multilayer conductive prints. As an undergrad in Graphic Communications at Clemson, he designed and integrated a capacitive touch interface and converted PCB designs to a printable format. To further explore printed electronics, he conducted a master’s research in Packaging Science focused on materials where he designed and printed passive circuit components and flexible hybrid circuit designs. Nathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications from Clemson University.

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