Discuss the Future of Flexible Electronics, MEMS and Sensors! 

Regency Foyer
Tuesday, February 19              9:45am–6:00pm
Wednesday, February 20         9:30am–4:00pm

Student Poster Award Ceremony & Reception 

Monterey Ballroom
Wednesday, February 20         6:00
– 6:45pm


Fault Detection in Solar Arrays using Sensors and Machine Learning
Emma Pedersen, Student, Arizona State University


Fatality Prevention
Juan Gutierrez, Student, Bellarmine College Prep 

Additive Manufacturing and Photonic Sintering of Flexible Thermoelectric Generators for Wearable Applications
Tony Varghese, PhD Student, Boise State University

Multi-Physics Modeling and Characterization of Screen-Printed Flexible Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Lines
Nahid Aslani Amoli, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Multi-Modal Testing of Printed Inks on Flexible Substrate          
Justin Chow, Graduate Student, Georgia Institute of Technology

Fully Printed Carbon Nanotube-Based Thin Film Transistors via Aerosol Jet Printing for Applications in Micro-Sensing Systems
Diego Vaca, Student, Georgia Institute of Technology    


R2R Processing of Micro-Scale Pattern Features Using a Slot Die Coating Approach       
Ara Parsekian, PhD Student, Georgia Institute of Technology     


A Flexible, Heterogeneously Integrated, Wireless Powered System for Implantable Applications Using Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging on Elastomeric Substrates
Goutham Ezhilarasuv, Student, University of California, Los Angeles


Model for Precision Application Slot-Die Coating and Investigating the Mechanics of the Low-Flow Limit
Robert Malakhov, Student, University of New Mexico    


All-Printed, Flexible Piezoelectrics and 3D Printed, Stretchable Strain Sensors​ 
Michael Crump, Graduate Student PhD, University of Washington


Laser-Assisted Patterning of Flexible Microplasma Discharge Devices for Sterilization Applications    
Arnesh Bose, Research Assistant, Western Michigan University


Specifications and instructions for poster displaysSTUDENT POSTER INSTRUCTIONS 

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