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Compo-SiL®: A Sustainable Industrial Solution of Printable Silicone Film for High Volume Production of Wearable, E-Skin and Stretchable Electronics

4:30 pm - 4:50 pm

Flexible Hybrid Electronics is one of the revolutionary new types of emerging market in electronics beyond the classic silicon approach. Here substrates and encapsulates play the key integral part where flexibility, stretchability, printability, wearability to textile and skin, sustainability, bio-friendly, roll to roll processability, etc. are the key elements for innovative products and new markets. In FHEs, elastic polymeric materials like PDMS (silicone rubber) have become the most promising platforms for flexible, stretchable, and wearable potential substrates. Compared to the present petroleum-based plastic flexible substrates which have limitations regarding brittleness, rigidness, temperature resistance, and another processability, silicone is a versatile, non-plastic, eco-friendly, bio-compatible synthetic polymeric material that has revolutionized several applications in health care, electronics, automotive, aerospace, industrial assembly, etc. Regarding sustainability, silicone is one of the best alternative, recyclable, reusable, non-toxic materials that can avoid a single-use plastic material polluting our oceans and landfills. Despite all these advantages, there was a long-time key problem with silicone surface showing high inertness to be capable for printing and easily adherable with any other functional materials except surface activation which is limited by higher cost and not manufacturing process friendly. With 50 years of silicone materials experience following an innovative patented technology and solving the key problems, General Silicones have developed Compo-SiL®, acting as material, substrates, and encapsulate produced in a large scale, roll to roll manufacturing process that fully exhibits the characteristics of sustainable, skin-friendly, reusable and biocompatible silicone materials and can be integrated with other materials in a variety of processing methods for the development of printed electronics, sensors and other biomedical applications. In conclusion, the revolutionary Compo-SiL® series product has opened up unmet possibilities acting as an emerging material and substrate for Flexible Hybrid Electronics.


Anupam Mukherjee

Anupam Mukherjee

Technical director - R&D Center General Silicones

Dr. Mukherjee has a background of achievements in synthetic organic chemistry and material science for optoelectronic applications. Following Undergraduate, Masters Study and one-year pharma based industrial experience in India; he obtained his PhD in NTHU in Taiwan in 2011 and then pursued postdoctoral research in CYCU in Taiwan till 2014. Later he worked on the development of innovative OLED materials and production for new product development. Having more than 15 years of multidisciplinary experience with a background of achievements in synthetic organic chemistry, material science for optoelectronic applications, he is on a journey to explore and develop sustainable silicone materials, composites & technology, and it's production process towards diverse applications. Currently, he is engaged in corporate entrepreneurship and innovation to develop new ideas and opportunities within the established business and carrying out investigations on the design and development of various innovative large-scale manufacturing of high value-added & potential silicone products following multi manufacturing processes. He is always keen to explore and expand new areas following the technological trend, find out the gap between prototype and commercialization overcoming the challenges, development of new sustainable materials and technology solving key problems based on my existing and present multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise.